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Hello Folks


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Jun 13, 2010
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Baltimore, MD, USA
Hello everyone,
I just stumbled across this forum and having just ordered a 16GB 3G figure I can learn a lot here and maybe avoid some stumbles when I start using it.

My username is Samurai and I really do have ancestors that were Samurai, so it's not just an affectation.

So far I have ordered a Vaja case, a Powersupport iPad Anti-Glare Film, and a LUXA2 H4 Aluminum iPad Holder Stand. I saw a nice folding bluetooth keyboard on this board that I may order when it becomes available.

I go back with Apple to the original Apple II and then the original Mac but haven't had much since except for the Macbook Pro I bought for my son for college (film major).

Anyway treat me gently and feel free to message me.


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