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HD radio tagging - this will cost me money!


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Jun 19, 2010
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I finally joined the 21st century and installed an HD radio in my Jeep.

So I am reading the manual (which is something I very rarely do!) and I find out that I can hook up my iPad through the USB port (instead of using the AUX in port like I had to do on my "old" radio). Big deal, right?

The first really cool feature is that I can actually control my iPad from my radio! I probably won't use this feature too much since it is still easier to navigate through the iPod functions on the iPad itself.

But the other feature that is going to cost me a lot of money is that you can tag songs you hear on the radio! As long as you see the name of the song, artist and album, you can press the TAG button and then the next time you hook up your iPad (or iPhone or iPod) to the radio, it will transfer those tagged selections to your device. Then when you sync your device through iTunes, it creates a new category called (oddly enough) Tagged and that gives you the opportunity to buy those selections you have tagged!


There goes the money I was going to put away for my iPad2!

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