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Have a question about downloading.


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Feb 19, 2010
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Murrells Inlet, SC
I want to buy a weight loss program by Tom Nicoli. I have some of his other weight loss programs. I no longer sync to computer. Just have iPad now. The downloads are MP3s. Can I download direct to iPad without syncing from computer. :confused:
If you stave the files not a publicly served page that you can access from a browser you can 'stream' the files, but I don't believe you can save them into your pad unless its through sync or iTunes.

I hope to stand corrected, but don't think I will.

Best of luck,
Thanks. Kind of what I thought. If iTunes sells his downloads I can buy that way. Kind of got us don't they. Oh well I love this thing so I will survive. :D
If you want to download a mp3 from the web you can use iCabMobile ($1.99), a Safari alternative that allows you download any type of file (also has real tabs and a bunch of other features that Safari doesn't have). You could then transfer the downloaded mp3 to a music playback app. The iPod app doesn't allow you to import mp3's from other apps (since it only plays from your synced iTunes library), but you could use another music capable app like Goodreader ($.99) (yeah, I know, sounds weird that Goodreader can playback music... it can even playback videos).
hum... makes me curious to know how dropbox accounts would handle an MP3 file association from within the FREE dropbox app... May be worth a try. I'll give it a spin.


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