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Has anybody else been having intermittency with WiFi connection?


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Apr 8, 2010
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I know there has been some discussion on WiFi connection issues, but until this morning, I had experienced none. This morning, I couldn't get hooked up with my home network. I'm having a little difficulty understanding how through the Settings, you can determine this. I only realized it, when I couldn't get to a website through Safari and couldn't get the AppsStore to work. When I went to settings it still listed my home network, and no indication it wasn't connected. On my PCs I can to to the Wireless Network spot and see if it's connected or not, or sometimes I see Limited Connectivity, and then I can restore it by just Disconnectind and Connecting.
You should also try to restart your router and make sure you have the most current firmware.
Yes, restart router, and modem if need be.

As far as the iPad goes.... It is my understanding that it does not play nice with some dual band routers. I have had zero problems with mine, but Apple has verified there is an issue with some.......
Last night I was getting really slow speeds and I have an older Airport... I disabled Wifi on the iPad for 10 seconds and turned it back on and it fixed it.
I've had a couple of issues with the Wi-Fi. Several times, as I'm browsing the App Store or whatever, the screen goes to a "You are not connected" message (I don't remember the exact wording), and it will take a few seconds, then just kick me back to the home page and work fine.

Once, the Wi-Fi completely stopped working (and my home network and my other computers could connect fine). It said it was connected under settings and everything. It was baffling. I eventually had to just restart the iPad and then it's worked since then.

So nothing too bad, but definitely a little bit of "wonkiness."
I ended up resetting the router and everything is fine. Hopefully it was the router and not the iPad. I was nervous with all the noise about potential router issues.
No, funny thing is I've got one of those dual band routers and used to have issues with my Mac Book Pro with it about a year ago. Once I forced it into one-band mode I've never had another problem with WiFi for any of my devices.

Since last Saturday with the iPad, I've experienced no issues whatsoever. It's deadly quick! :)

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