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Hack your iPad to support Verizon's MiFi


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Jan 17, 2010
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Are you not quite happy with the speed you are getting out of your 3G iPad? Or.... do you have the older non 3G iPad and wish you had some type of cell service for your iPad so you can bring it everywhere and still be connected?

Well an enterprising iPad user felt that way and decided to pull out the stock AT&T 3G components and replace them with Verizon MiFi components and increased his speed by almost 6x!

The hack obviously involves a bit of hardware knowledge as the guts of the 3G has to be pulled out and the guts of a Verizon MiFi have to be put in it's place but all in all the difficulty of the hack would be very low.

There are tons of pictures at the following URL: iPad MiFi Conversion for Verizon | Dish Television High Definition Store
Oh the spammer's post was deleted, so that was NOT directed at the OP.
he does have some gulla to open up a new iPad a try this. props!

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