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greetings from alaska


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Mar 15, 2010
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I am a professional artist & college adjunct teaching an occasional art class.

I pre-ordered my ipad (32GB wifi + GB)

I do not have a laptop, an ipod, or a smart phone... I have a simple pay-as-u-go cell phone.**

I considered buying an ipad touch last year, but the screen is too small for my eyesight. I did not want to lug a laptop around... & though those little netbooks do look very nice, I think this ipad will be a better fit for me at home, on the bus, at college & traveling.

**I do however have a wonderful Mac Pro w/ 30†screen on a movable arm, outfitted with digital tablets & pens, on a desk with a built-in light table, surrounded by art books & supplies, all centered in my otherwise tacky but very comfortable art studio.


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Jan 17, 2010
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Hey DKS, welcome to the site. Looks like your finally going to be into the 'gadget' world with the iPad. I think you'll become addicted soon :)

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