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Grand Theft Auto III for iPad Out Now


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Jun 7, 2010
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If you think you might be twiddling your thumbs a little too much amidst all the family gatherings and celebrations this weekend, then how about making time fly by playing one of the most iconic, seminal open-world console games of all time on your trusty iPad, iPhone or iPod touch? Yes, just in time for the climax of the festive season, Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto III, gets an iOS device release with its “10 Year Anniversary Editionâ€. Just in case you need to whet your appetite, you can check out the special launch trailer above. According to Rockstar, this new edition has been fully enhanced and optimized for touch-screen devices, with new features such as an intuitive, fully-scalable and customizable user interface, as well as upgraded textures, greater resolution and draw distance, and last but not least, new mission replay and autosave features. Looking very good indeed! Rockstar certainly knows its iOS gaming!

Click here to download for $4.99/£2.99: App Store - Grand Theft Auto 3

Source: Rockstar Games
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I've got it and am addicted to it again. God I remember when this first came out for the ps2. It was fantastic. Here's hoping they go on to bring out vice city stories and San Andreas out too.
What do you guys think about the shooting? I can't seem to grasp it it's awful!
I got it and am having fun. I can't get the sound to work. My sound is on and the settings show 79% volume, but the app does not have any sounds or music. Help!
addiosamigo said:
What do you guys think about the shooting? I can't seem to grasp it it's awful!

The shooting on it isn't that good tbh. Some of the missions I could easily do on a ps2 in one go. The shooting lets me down. I still love it though.
I figured out my sound issue. I had the mute switch set to mute. It appears this is a sound, but not music mute switch, as when it is in the mute position, I am able to play music and hear it through the speakers. After putting the switch in the non-mute position, the game sounds work.
Got this Xmas day, still haven't got around to playing it though, but for €2.50 as long as it works it will be a good purchase, does anyone know how long it would take to complete? I never had it on ps2.
I read a comment just earlier on the android market, that says as follows:

"Working perfect on gs2, no lag/bugs/glitches, in the 1st couple hours so far. Had the problem with no sound/not saving, found it was that I needed to free some space on sd. Try deleting a few things and I bet it'll work. Best deal on the market imo!"

I had posted this thread earlier and followed the advice on it, and am now waiting for the data packet to finish (again, again..) and it's currently at 63%..

What I'm suggesting is, is that if anyone else is having the sound issue, to try this person's advice and see if it helps.

Please post your results anyone that tries, I'll do the same when the download is finished. :)

Good luck everyone!
The game play is just like when I played it ten years ago. I Love it. Highly recommend getting it. :)

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