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Got my iPad yesterday


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Jul 11, 2010
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Hello everyone
Good to be here. I got my iPhone yesterday for my bday..mighty thrilled about it. Never used a mac or a iPhone before. So as you can imagine I am now both super thrilled and super overwhelmed now. Tons of questions and tons more if I know what I do not know.

Couple of immediate questions to gurus here:
1. YouTube cannot be connected from the icon. Is this problem on my end or something else I need to do on start up? Internet is connected, I can browse other sites

2. Do we have a Facebook app separately for iPad? The one that i downloaded only looks like an iPhone app in size..

3. I heard there will be update for the OS at some point..is this true and if yes will it be over the air and free?

Thanks for your thoughts
Welcome to the site :)

1) Should work not sure though why it isn't working.
2) There is a app called U and Facebook for iPad
3) The os4 for the iPad will be out September-October. First upgrade is free then after that the other upgrades will be charged. Not sure how much they havnt announced any prices as yet.

Hope that helps
Also all firmware upgrades thus far require hooking up to a computer. apple doesn't do untethered upgrades for firmware. Atleast they haven't done one yet for any of the iDevices.

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