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Gmail Access Issue - Connect


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Sep 1, 2010
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Los Angeles - California
Hola folks!
I have a 3GS iphone and a 16gb iPad.
I have several gmail accounts and have set them up on each device.

Recently, I also added a Mobile Me account.
Since adding the Mobile Me, my Gmail account with the same prefix (same characters in front of the @ symbol) no longer works on the iOS email system.
I get "Cannot Get Mail. The user name or password for 'imap.google.com' is incorrect"

All of my Gmail accounts are setup the exact same way and all work in the iDevices exact for this one.
This one also worked until I activated the Mobile Me account.

But it works great if accessed via Safari.

Has anyone else seen this or found the error/solution?

Mobile Me help was less than helpful.
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