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Gifts For three women


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Mar 28, 2010
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Ok here goes iam needing ideas for gifts for the three women in the house ..

one of the idea is she been wanting a new computer for the house and so my idea is get a brand new computer from apple and have the best buy greek squad come out and hook it up all the new computer items that i am going to buy to make a network inside the house for us to use ..


take them on a three day cruise out of LA ..


take them on a ski package out of ski resorts in up Ca area

her mom is the easlyest to buy for give her a gift card from somplace and she pretty happy and the kid is next give her a itunes gift card for birthday or Xmas and she happy for she gets to download songs from itunes .

my women is the hardest of the three in the group to buy for she get free samples of the perfume or clothing line or shoes that they she models or used in the shoots for we have a half a house filled with stuff from that area ..So buying cloths or those items are the waste of time as a gift that in her own words .. ..

the only other idea is one that i did before for her birthday was a charm bracelet made out of my dog tags from the militay and her irish Claddagh birthstore ring made into one unit with the dogtag serving as the backgrund piece for the keyring emblem with the words around the edges of the dogtag in irish saying the following words

MO ANAM CARA it means my soul mate in irish ..

she keeps it on her it on her keyring she calls our symbol of togerthers as a couple and she also tells people make easy to find my keys in her purse

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