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Getting rid of emails


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May 29, 2010
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Kent, NY
...I am loving my iPad but I hate having to get rid of my emails one at a time from the inbox and then again from the Trash Bin,,,,,,,,,,,isnt there an easier way to do this all at once like on my PC? I've had 100's :confused: and unless I do it everyday, I spend way too much time doing this...any ideas? solutions?
As you look at your list of emails, touch "Edit". You will see empty circles to the left of each email. Just touch the ones you want to eventually delete. The circlse will fill with check marks. When you've chose all the ones you want to delete, look down at the bottom for the red Delete button. There will be a number in parentheses - that being the number of emails you are about to delete - just to be sure.
also.. about the trash bin, I don't think you have to worry about that. I think there is a limit to the number of emails stored and eventually those are deleted automatically. Once in awhile I have needed to go into the trash and reassign an email to the inbox. There's such a cute animation when that happens.
Go to settings/mail and choose the email account... Then choose Advanced, I think remove is the top option, set it to one day.....

Then you will not have to delete the emails from trash ever again.....
,,,thanks edmouse, I have done what you suggest, it just seems iPad should have a way to take them all away at once....that is on my wish list,,,,

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