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Getting converted-DVD-to-mp4 movie from iMac to iPad 2


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Dec 28, 2011
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I have used (on my iMac) the trial version of a program (iSky, also Prism) to convert a DVD to a file with a ".mp4" extension, hoping to get if from from the iMac to my iPad 2. However, I am at a loss (now that the converted movie is on the iMac) how to get it onto iTunes, so I can "sync" it onto the iPad 2. I am used to "drag and drop" on a Windows PC, but cannot find how to get the movie now from the iMac to iTunes, and then on the to the iPad 2.

I need lots of help and thanks for any help.
You can drag and drop files into iTunes, drag them into the top left corner. If you try that and it doesn't work, that probably means your file format is not suitable. It doesn't matter that it's an mp4 so much as what kind of mp4. Besides, apple uses m4v files, not mp4 (but it is still an mp4 of sorts). You might want to try some Mac software called Handbrake, which makes the whole dvd-ripping process very easy and comes with preset file formats for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV etc so you can't go wrong.

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