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Getting Audio from iPad into MacMini


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May 29, 2022
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The setup is as follows Mac Mini and iPad Pro both with latest updates installed.

What I am attempting to do is to use External Midi controller to control the iPad with the output of the iPad going into Bitwig Studio in the Mac Mini.

I have opened a HW Instrument channel in Bitwig which is used to send and receive Midi to and from the iPad and which also facilitates audio from the iPad into an audio channel in Bitwig.

I can get the MIDI side working correctlyb but no matter how many YouTube videos I watch or articles I read, I have been unable to get audio into the Mac Mini.

I have attach a series of Screenshots showing the setting I am using to aid anyone who might be able to assist me in solving this

They show the Audio setup in Bitwig.
They show the Audio/MIDI channels in Bitwig with the routings used
They show the MIDI routings in AUM used in Ipad and the Audio routings used.

To get the iPad and Mac Mini talking to each other I have used the iDAM program which is part of the Mac system.

So the setup is this, MIDI from the Arturia keyboard goes via Chan 1 and the HW Instrument to the iPad.
Within the ipad AUM takes the MIDI and uses it to control the Synth. The output from the synth (audio) is fed back to Chan 2 and then is available for processing in Bitwig

AUM responds to the keyboard and movement on the output meters is observed but no audio appears at the input to Chan 2 in Bitwig.
I know this is a long winded post but I do not know what to put in or leave out in trying to give an understandable post.
So if any can assist and requires clarification of any point please let me know.

Thanks for all of any help.


  • MIDI Audio Routing in Bitwig.png
    MIDI Audio Routing in Bitwig.png
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  • Audio out in AUM.png
    Audio out in AUM.png
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  • MIDI routing in AUM.png
    MIDI routing in AUM.png
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