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Getting an iPad April 3rd? - Get Paid For An Unboxing Video!


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Mar 28, 2010
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Liverpool, England
Getting an iPad April 3rd?


I'm trying to get a YouTube channel going (
YouTube - AppHut's Channel) which focuses on app reviews for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.

But, as a new channel with limited content I think an iPad unboxing video on the day of its launch in the US would provide the channel with a great start.

Unfortunately, I'm currently living in England and we haven't been graced with a launch date for the iPad on this side of the Atlantic yet - so, for that reason I'm looks for someone experienced at making unboxing videos to make us one as soon as they get their iPad on April 3rd....and I'm willing to pay.

You would be paid to create and edit an iPad unboxing video and then email it to us so we could upload it to our channel.

So if you're interested, reply to this thread and I'll PM you with some more details. I would need some examples of previous reviews/unboxing videos you have done. I'm very flexible with good pay. This could also lead to future work with us!

Look forward to you guys responding and eventually working with someone!

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Sorry for the early bump - but I really need to get this sorted before April 3rd. :)
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