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Games of Thrones app comes to the iPad


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Jul 27, 2011
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On April 1st, HBO is going to launch the follow-up to their smash hit series, inspired by the books with the same name - Game of Thrones. If you have missed The Starks, the Lannisters and the Targeryans fighting for the throne of spikes in Westeros, you will be happy to know you are just days away from experiencing their new fantastic adventures.

And, to mark this event, HBO has launched an interactive Game of Thrones app for the iPad. Since the Game of Thrones series features an intricate plot which extends across different worlds and involves a vast array of characters, keeping up with all the details can become quite complicated. With this new enhanced app, users will be able to go back and re-watch videos and even have the opportunity to view the episodes featuring “alert feed†that calls out relevant content in connection with specific scenes.

For the die hard fans of the series, the app also includes cast/crew commentaries with David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and the creator of the series, George R.R. Marin and more. Go behind the sets and check out exclusive interviews with the cast and crew. If you are new to the series and you did not get to watch Season 1, or read the books, don’t worry. The app also brings the possibility of receiving info alerts providing stories on specific scenes and character relationships. Also, you get an intuitive guide to the Game of Thrones houses, because let’s face it there were a lot of them in Season 1, and more will be revealed in Season 2.

If you find a quote in the series that you really like you can even share it through social media.

By Radu

Source: Interactive Game of Thrones content comes to HBO Go iPad app -- Engadget

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