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[Game] Hook Pig -- Funny Physics Game ,[$1.99 ->FREE Now!!!


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Aug 24, 2012
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itunes link:


More and more hook pig's friends and the citizens have been kidnaped by Mysterious alien,you need to help our hook pig to rescue it's friends and the other pig,as soon as possible.

Tap,pull and spring ,help our hook pig to climb up by hook on any salient object to save the other pig, the faster you do, the more bonus you get.

Innovative game mode.
Funny physical characteristics:
50 levels , exciting journey waiting for you to experience.
More levels to come in updates.

I. Beat someone's score in game center.
II. Share it with your friend by facebook,twitter,sina weibo and email.

What's New in Version 1.2

1. Spring up -- new play mode,we have changed the wire to spring,now you can pull the pig,and spring it up.
2.Auto hook on -- new game props,use the auto hook,it can hook on the nearby object by itself.
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