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Funny Online Comic Shows New Microsoft 'Surface' Tablet to Have Tough Fight vs iPad


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Jul 27, 2011
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The "big" news of yesterday was the announcement by Microsoft of their new iPad competitor tablet called "The Surface." In case you missed it, and we don't blame you if you did, this new tablet from Microsoft will come with a couple different variants of Windows 8, including a Windows RT version for the regular retail chain, and a more expensive Windows 8 Pro version for the Enterprise/corporate world. Regardless of all the fuss, we found this hilarious comic that pretty much sums up how things are likely to go with this new tablet competitor. As you can see in the comic, the iPad has destroyed any and all previous rivals (mostly Androids) that have risen up to challenge its dominance, which is obviously mirrored in reality. The comic suggests that the new MS Surface Tablet will have a similar fate.

Regardless of the outcome in real life, the above comic was pretty funny and worth a laugh or two. For those of you who might be interested in checking out the competition or are just fans of all technology in general, feel free to check out our sister-site @ Microsoft Surface Forum.

Source: SurfaceForums.net via PhoneArena
I have long argued that Microsoft makes products that are original and good. The only problem is, the products that are original are not good, and the products that are good are not original.
^^. LOL. Very nice Fred!

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