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Frustrated and cannot delete photos


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Jul 18, 2011
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Hi I am totally frustrated.. (new at the Ipad and Itunes) when I got the Ipad2 last week... 110 or photos went on it.. I never put it there but I guess when I synced or something they all went there...... soooooooooo now... since then I have taken a few photos and ok they went there and I have them in albums. I never put in albums but they are there and also when I go to photos they are all there in little pictures... so I also have the albums and a downloaded photo I dont want at all

1. how do I delete some photos that are not only in albums but on the whole screen ..
2. how do I delete a downloaded photo and gee I dont know what else to say as i am prob. not making sense. (tired and eyes are bothering me)

I need someone to help me and not be to technical as it will only make it harder for me please.. also I am not computer illiterate ...just ipad and itunes illiterate.

thank you...


p.s. someone sent me two photos on my emails and one went to downloaded on the photo part of ipad and one went to photos. i took them off my emails on my ipad
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Jan 3, 2011
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Any photo that is on your iPad as a result of synchronising the iPad and your PC can only be removed from the iPad by removing it first from the PC (or moving it out of the area that's going to be synchronised) and then resynchronising.

Photos that arrive on your iPad without a synchronisation operation - say by email - can be deleted directly on the iPad.



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Mar 23, 2011
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Hi Coco. As Tim pointed out, almost everything to do with photos can be accomplished when you sync your iPad with iTunes on your computer.

These links should help you understand how to add and delete photos on your iPad:

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: Syncing photos via iTunes

iTunes 10 for Windows: Add photos to iPod, iPhone, and iPad

iTunes 10 for Mac: Add photos to iPod, iPhone, and iPad

Also have a look at the "iPad for Beginners" and "iPad User Manuals" links below my signature.

Hope that helps and let us know how it goes!
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