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Fruit Ninja for iPad and iPhone Gets A New Update, With Five New Blades and Fast App


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Everyone’s favourite fruit murdering game, Fruit Ninja, has just been updated with some exciting new content, according to Halfbrick’s blog. Both the HD iPad version of the game and the iPhone version have received the update. Halfbrick says that many of the new features, such as new Dojo items, have been added as a direct result of requests from the fans. For starters, we have five new blades:

  • Shadow Blade - “forged in darkness, void of all goodâ€
  • Pixel Blade - an 8-bit blade!
  • Bamboo Shoot Blade - forged in the forest where Sensei grew up
  • Party Time Blade - party “like it’s 1999â€!
  • Piano Blade - slice to the music!

Other new features contained in the update include new achievements, and new weekly leaderboards, whereby at the end of each game you can check out the Weekly High Scores of your friends, across all three modes. Fast app switching is another new feature much requested by the fans, enabling you to get straight back into the action if you’re interrupted by the call of nature or something!

Click here to download Fruit Ninja HD for $2.99: Fruit Ninja HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Source: Halfbrick » Fruit Ninja updated on iPhone and iPad

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