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Frozen calendar, tried everything


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Nov 1, 2011
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Hi everyone, I have an iPad2, not sure OS. I was entering a repeating event and the calendar froze. Now all I can see is the month of November and there is no response to the keyboard. I've:

- done the soft reboot
- deleted all but a few apps in the multitasking window, including the calendar
- turned off the calendar synch with my work Lotus Notes
- disabled every calendar setting I can disable under the Settings
- looked in my work calendar for the item I was creating when it froze to see if I can delete it and free something up (I can't find it)
- done the hard reboot
- repeated these items in various orders
- reactivated the calendar and then deactivated it

I've run out ideas. I would appreciate any help!
Lately I have had problems with my LN and my calendar. Whenever I get a meeting notice and lotus wants an accept/decline the mail unexpectedly quits. When I reopen mail and the mail starts to load, the meeting notice window opens or mail quits again.

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