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From Kuala Lumpur


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Jul 6, 2010
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Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
Hi Guys,

Bought my iPad 32gb wifi model from a trip to London about two weeks back.Just dropped by the Regent Street store, with my son interested in the iphone4 but all sold out then , and me looking at the iPads on demos deciding there and then to purchase one. Just loving it and started fiddling with it for a week now.The iPad case was out of stock so most probably will have to wait for the launch here in Malaysia or a bit further in Singapore to grab a piece.

Running down to battery to 25% I did my first charge with the supplied 10W adapter and after about 3 hours and 80% charge felt the whole iPad a bit warmer than I like.My experience with Lipo (RC flyer) is they are supposed to be cool when taking a charge, so is this normal?

Anyway I have not been more excited with a electronic gadget since my Atari and Apple II times.



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Jun 18, 2010
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Michigan, USA
Welcome Kc

I remember playing games and writing papers on my Atari XL!
My iPad does not get very hot - it did once when I stupidly decided to plug it into my iPhone car charger - no damage done - luckily.


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