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Freemium Games Are Top Money Spinners in the App Store


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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[FONT=&quot]Industry Gamers report today on a survey from analytics company Flurry looking at whether or not the freemium game model makes sense for developers. According to Flurry’s figures "freemium", or free-to-play, games currently have a 65% share of all games revenue in the App Store. Flurry’s figures are based on the tracking of more than 90,000 apps, which reveal that freemium games’ share of revenue has greatly increased from previous figures of 39% of the revenue share. [/FONT]

“When you make your game free and add in-app purchases, two powerful things can happen,†said Flurry Games GM Jeferson Valadares. “First, more people will likely try your game since you’ve made the ante zero, and second, you will likely take more money, since different players can now spend different amounts depending on their engagement and preferences. It’s not unheard of for individual players to spend into the tens of thousands in a game they like.â€
[FONT=&quot]Tens of thousands?! Really?! That seems like an incredible amount of money for someone to spend on an iPhone or iPad app, but if that’s the case then no wonder the likes of Zynga are doing so well! [/FONT]

Source: Apple App Store Game Revenue Is 65 Percent Freemium - IndustryGamers

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