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Free Book as an app : Cameroon HD 1.0


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Mar 21, 2010
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Marietta, GA - USA

Cameroon HD 1.0

Category: Books
Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)


A book which enters in the multimedia world, a very new approach to digital publications.

This title looks like an illustrated book. There is no button, no menu, you can turn page after page using your finger...

...However, a lot more is hidden under the elements of each page. For instance?

- touch an image, and a movie or a slideshow replaces it in the page,
- touch a line of the index to open the chosen page,
- touch an illustrated map to replace it by a fully operational map system, showing the locations of the other pages on the map.. touch a location to open this page,
- touch a reference in the text to open a window locally or on the internet for more informations
… and so many other objects!

If you like, you can see any object full screen.

This title is to show an example integrating different media in one iPad application. It is powered by «HI+», a software engine designed for publishers and authors to realize multimedia iPad books.

This first title is presented in lite version. It contains 36 pages, 200 photos in large resolution, 11 short HD video sequences, many maps opening our map system for satellite images when online, local maps when there is no connection to the Internet.

Why Cameroon?

Because of its varieties of culture, landscapes, fauna or flora, Cameroon is often referred to as Africa in miniature. It is the land of ecotourism.

The pygmies were the first inhabitants of Cameroon. They are still there, hunting to survive in the forests. The great national parks harbour almost all the species found in Africa; Herds of 200 elephants or more live there without any border.

Cameroon HD shows a nice small sample of this diversity.

Technical description :

- The presentation of the book fully respects the design chosen by the editor (Character fonts, graphics, etc., like a book made using professional tools)
- Video HD
- Photos Hi Resolution
- local map system
- satellite images when an internet connexion is available
streaming and download for videos

Cameroon HD

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