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Foxconn plans to build new Apple facility for $210 million


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Jul 27, 2011
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Apple has been doing business with Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. LTd, known as Foxconn, for a long time, now. Thus, the electronics manufacturer has decided the timing is right to do a little investing in a new Apple production line - one that is worth $210 million.

The construction of the plant will start somewhere around October 2012 and the plans have already been confirmed by officials in Huai’an. The new facility will offer 35,800 new jobs and will take up to 40,000 square meters.

So far, details about what exactly Foxconn will be building are not known, but the project has already received the green light. A new factory in Hainan will be finalized by April, next year. At the moment, Foxconn’s biggest facility is located in Shenzhen and employs more than 200,000 workers.

Even though there’s no information on what products will be manufactured in the facility, some predictions have been made. It is expected that the output will be fixed at somewhere between $949 and $1.1 billion. The office of Taiwan Affairs of Huai’an city also predicted that the new facility will probably reach an import/export value of $55.8 million.

Apple and Foxconn have recently been involved in some scandals regarding working conditions for the employees. The two have decided to split the costs in improving things around their facilities for workers. Foxconn has even built new facilities so workers could be closer to their homes and wouldn’t be forced to abandon their families in order to make a living.

By Radu

Source: Foxconn reportedly investing $210M in new Apple production line | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

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