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Forbes Launches "Investment Guide Plus" iPad App


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Something for the business and finance-savvy iPad owners out there - Forbes has launched a brand new iPad app, "Investment Guide Plus", which will give iPad users access to Forbes' Investment Guides. The IG+ APP, which is available for free, includes signature feature stories from Forbes' 2010 Investment Guide, video interviews with financial planning and investment experts, Forbes Daily personal finance update, plus lots of other contents categories, including Strategies, Estate Planning and Stocks and Bonds.

The app is designed to give you new ideas everyday to help you make decisions about how to take care of your family financially, think creatively about career options, minimize the cost of investing and taxes, and allocate assets smartly, among other things.

"We're very pleased to offer iPad users an application that incorporates core Forbes coverage, multimedia and ongoing updates to enhance their personal finance knowledge, and make them smarter when it comes to making key financial and investment decisions."

Nina La France, Forbes vice president, consumer marketing.

Source: Forbes

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