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Focus and Do Not Disturb


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Aug 18, 2010
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Los Angeles California
Focus confuses me.
I just want to turn Do Not Disturb off and on via Control Panel on my iPad.

On my iPhone, I want to turn on Do Not Disturb, but accept calls from 5 people in my Contacts

Thanks, cb


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
These instructions are for the current version of iOS/iPadOS.

For the iPad, pull down the Control Panel, tap on focus, then tap on Do Not Disturbe. You can choose options other than just on/off by tapping on the three dot icon.

On the iPhone you can do the same.

To allow certain people to contact you when Do Not Disturbe is on, add them to People under the Allow Notifications settings in Setting > Focus > Do Not Disturbe. Once you've added at least one person there will be further controls. Read the descriptions next to them and choose what you prefer.

If you turn on Share Across Devices, the turning on Don Not Disturbe on one device will turn it on for both. In my brief experiments, settings in inside Do Not Disturbe also duplicate across devices. You should only need to add allowed people once. (Might be different if the Share Across Devices option is off).

There are other options for turning Do Not Disturbe on/off, including Siri and Shortcuts. On iPhones with the current version of iOS you can add a custom lock screen that will automatically switch to Do Not Disturbe when you switch to that lock screen.


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