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First synchronise to I-Tunes.


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Jun 30, 2010
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Bath uk
Hi everyone,
Very first post, new to Ipad and Apple in general (not even an ipod).
So, a bit of advice really. I've got a 32gb non 3g Ipad. I bought it from a work mate who went for the Iphone 4 and couldnt justify both. He's got alot of apps on it so I'm worried what will happen when I connect it to my pc to link it to my new I-Tunes account.

Will it wipe my ipad since my I-Tunes account is blank or will I be able to do it the other way round - like copying the apps off my pad and into account?

What will happen?

Kind regards,
Yes it will. not really any way around it if is alreay been synced to the other guys PC.

However, after you sync with your computer and it wipes out his apps you can bring it in to work with you and have him download them to the iPad agian.

in settings for the app store you can sign out of your account and have your coworker sign in to download the apps agian for free.

You can log in and download apps from multiple accounts on the iPad itself, but syncing is only done with one PC unless you set it up to manage everything on the iPad manualy and turn off auto-sync.
Welcome to our forum hope we can assist yes it will wipe the iPad are you able to get his user name and password if so make a list of the apps then sync the iPad using your name. After that log on to iTunes using his name etc and down load the applications you need they will be free as he has already purchased them a message comes up stating if you wish to download again. The problem with all this is when the times to do an upgrade of any of his apps you need his account info again. He can change his password to protect his account. Hope this makes sense. I will look on line for an alternative way.
The bottom line when you bought His iPad did he include the apps? Oh if the apps are free it's not an issue. Only paid apps

Cheers col
Check this out before you do any thing.
http://www.ipadforums.net/ipad-faq/3470-ipad-absolute-beginners.html?highlight=Beginners and
iTunes Store: Transferring purchases from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to a computer
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Quite a number of apps are free and many others are 99¢ USD (not sure how that price converts to £) so you may be able to get many of your co-worker's apps for a very small investment.

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