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File transfer question


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Aug 22, 2012
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Hello all. First Post.

I just received my first IPAD 3rd gen. I love it. I have been trying to figure this out on my own by researching this forum and the web, but unfortunately cannot find an exact answer.
My problem is trying to transfer data files from my Windows 7 PC to the IPAD. I know it won't let you drag and drop, and the files I have are to large for the free icloud storage space. I use drop box, but that is for my Android devices and it is filled up to. I have about 3 gigs worth of files I am trying to transfer.
I am trying to transfer my main folder with all my school work, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint Excel, .txt, .pdf files ect...
And once I get them transferred what is a good app that acts as a file Explorer to help navigate through them all?

For the experts here what would be the most simplistic free way to achieve this? I am an Android expert an a MAC NOOB unfortunately. Any help or advice would be appreciated. I am sure this has been discussed before but it must be buried in all the posts as I have not found my answer.

Thanks to all who read and respond.

The answer, I believe, lies in the app you will use to view said documents. Most seem to be Office type documents, so firstly you will need an app that can view and edit them. There are Office suite type apps like Docs2Go and QuickOffice HD that not only allow you to create, open and edit these types of documents, but also provide tools to transfer documents on and off the iPad.

QuickOffice, for example, gives you at east 3 different ways to transfer documents:
1. By creating a web interface for transfer via your wifi network;
2. By providing iTunes file transfer feature whilst connected to iTunes;
3. Direct cloud storage access to Dropbox and other cloud accounts.

If you want a multipurpose app for file storage/transfer, check out Goodreader. Numerous methods of file transfer, including the above options, plus access to NAS drives on your network. Add FileBrowser for similar use age, but also offers access to Windows shares.
Thank you

Thnaks for the response.

I will check out what you said.
Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction. I appreciate the help
If your files are mostly Office based, my app of choice is Documents2Go. You can download a free desktop sync tool for your PC and wirelessly sync your iPad with your desktop / NAS, or wherever it is you are storing the 3GB worth of files. That way, it's nice and easy to keep them in sync when something changes on the desktop. You don't even need iTunes for the sync :)
Hi, I am a newbie to ipad too. My recommendation to your need (if you mainly want to read your files on ipad) is to get EvereaderPro app which is a powerful file reader/viewer for various types of doc including MS office doc, photos, pdf, video, etc. For your purpose, you can sync/store your desktop files directly to ipad through iTunes' file sharing eliminating route to iCloud or dropbox. Even better, the app provides double protection to your data stored in it with password/passcode (your choice to set or not) to open the app and/or a private folder in it. Just my 2 cents.

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