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FIFA 13 roster management help....


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Oct 12, 2011
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Upstate, NY
Ive searched high and low for an answer to my question and have com e up empty everytime. Here goes:

Im in league/manage mode and when I navigate to the "Manage Contracts" screen I see a list of all of my players that I suppose/assume are "on" my team. The issue is that I want to move some of the listed players on this screen to my active roster - meaning when you click the Starting 11 button you see the starting lineups and there are also reserves shown on this screen. I assume that the players on this screen are on my "active" roster.

What I cant fathom, is how to get some of the players that show on the Manage Contracts screen to show up on the starting 11/reserves screen! Its driving me mad because I have some higher rated players just sitting on the manage contracts screen that Id love to get into the starting lineup. I wish EA helped with this - there is NO obvious way to do it and it makes no sense that you cant move players from inactive to active or whatever they call it. For example, I have a Striker on the manage contracts screen with an overall rating of 81 that Id love to swap with a striker in my starting 11 thats only rated 76 overall. Why cant I just do this!!! Oh, and the players are under contract too.... so its not like they arent availbale because they need new contracts. UGH!

I love the game but this is killing me..... HELP!!!!:(
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