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Fedex vs. AT&T


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May 22, 2010
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Eastern Tennessee
At the time I ordered my iPad I obviously had no idea that AT&T was changing their data plans. My iPad order was originally supposed to ship on June 7 and arrive on June 10. (I ordered it May 21.)

It wound up shipping on Tuesday, June 1. I've had my fingers crossed that it might arrive by this Friday. According to Fedex tracking, the package arrived in Memphis, TN, last night (Wednesday) at 11:11 p.m. One minute after midnight (very early Thursday morning) it shows the status of "Int'l shipment release" which I hope means that it has cleared customs and is still moving.

Given that I live in TN (althought I'm the other end of the state from Memphis), the item could hypothetically show up as early as today. The Fedex site shows delivery as Monday June 7. I've had situations before where it seems that things could definitely been delivered early, but they were held somewhere and delivered 'on time'.

I've got my fingers crossed that it shows up tomorrow so that I can activate it before the new AT&T data plans goes into effect on Monday. I'm eagerly awaiting the next status update to see where it is in the Fedex system. C'mon Fedex!
I hear ya. I just activated the 3G unlimited on my ipad despite the fact that I have it tethered to my unlimited iphone.

You can never have too much unlimited :)
Tony: Fedex was amazing... Mine left China on one day .. landed in Alaska that evening .. landed Memphis that night .. landed Baltimore sometime early morning .. landed by Cessna Caravan in Salisbury (my town about 130mi from Balto) about 9am .. I got delivery about 10:30am.
Hell, my usual Fedex delivery time is about 2pm - they even beat that by hours. I was impressed.

Fred Smith has his game on; I'm sure he knows you need to beat those greedy cellular folks at their game. Good luck.
Lucky. I think mine was on the same shipment as yours TonyPittt. Mine still lists as international shipment release. I live in Missouri and unfornunantly looks like I going to have to wait all weekend.
I ordered my ipad yesterday from apple, they said 7 to 10 days I would have it. But then in my email it won't be shipping until June 17th and I won;t be getting it till June 22nd

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