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feather case for iPad. Less than 1mm thick. Fits docks. 5 colors.


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Dec 24, 2010
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Feather ($35), billed as a less than 1mm thick hard plastic shell with soft touch rubber on the outside. Bundled with a glossy screen protector, cleaning cloth, and applicator card, Feather is actually capable of fitting inside Apple's official iPad Dock and iPad Keyboard Dock -- two accessories that were seemingly designed to be used without cases or other protection, a pretty impressive feat. The only consequence for users: like so many of the ultralight, ultrathin shells released for other Apple devices, Feather doesn't provide the sort of comprehensive button or bezel protection found in other cases, leaving fairly significant parts of the iPad's sides exposed. That said, it looks very nice, and five colors are available.

First Looks: Incipio Feather Case for iPad | iLounge

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