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Farmville neighbors needed


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Jun 11, 2010
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Hi everyone, I'm an active farmer in farmville. Since I got the free app I would Like to add more neighbors to expand my farm.
Add me [email protected]

See you there!
Hello, I am looking for We Rule friends. I will order from you often. Order from me as well. If you have any great ideas or suggestions, let me know.:)

Drop in.
*** Restaurant Story and Bakery Story and Farmville!!! ***

Hey everyone could you please add me?! I would appreciate it!

Hope to see the invites! I will help out as much as I can too if you can add me!

Storm Id for both Restaurant Story and Bakery Story and Farmvile is:

BauerSuchtWeib ty for add ;)

same id on bakery storry and restaurant storry
wish u all a nice day!

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