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FACETIME and mixed up AppleID and password


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May 12, 2011
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I hope someone out there knows the answer to the following:
[FONT=&quot] I bought an iPad 2 to give as a present to my friend. My friend is not really a computer person, so I decided to fill the iPad with some apps before giving it to my friend. In order to download the apps I created an AppleID and a password (I will call this AAA). After giving the iPad, I changed AAA by going to the app store, click on Featured at the bottom, scroll all the way down, click on Account then sign out and sign in with my friend's AppleID and password (I will call this BBB).

These are the 2 issues I have:

When my friend calls me with Facetime, I get the message that AAA is calling me and NOT BBB, even though I have changed the AppleID and password to BBB.

When I call BBB myself, I get the message that BBB is not available, even though my friend is online waiting for my call.

I would really appreciate your help.
Thank you.

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