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Esquire Magazine Launches iPad App


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Jun 7, 2010
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Gizmodo reports that Esquire Magazine has launched its own iPad app today. The men’s lifestyle and fashion glossy appears to at least be trying to push the envelope a little in terms of iPad interactivity, with such state of the art features as 360 degree rotations on the men's fashion spread, where you get to spin the model in the picture around, really making it look like the article is jumping out of the page at you, and especially useful for a fashion feature where you want to get a good look at the clothes from every angle.

Other entertaining features of the app include visual footnotes, and lots of supplemental material, such as an entire novella contained within an interview piece about Philip Roth. And how about that Audi ad which suddenly comes to life as the car in the photograph zooms away from you? Very impressive! Judging by the overall quality of the app, it looks like Hearst Communications really “gets†what the iPad’s all about, and are trying to design innovative and exciting apps accordingly.

The Esquire app is available to download here for £2.99/$4.99.

Source: Gizmodo
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