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Emoji help!


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Feb 26, 2012
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This article contains special characters. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols.
Emoji (絵文字?) is the Japanese term for the picture characters or emoticons used in Japanese electronic messages and webpages. Originally meaning pictograph, the word literally means e "picture" + moji "letter". The characters are used much like emoticons elsewhere, but a wider range is provided, and the icons are standardized and built into the handsets. Some emoji are very specific to Japanese culture, such as a bowing (apologizing) businessman, a face wearing a face mask or a group of emoji representing popular foods (ramen noodles, dango, onigiri, Japanese curry, sushi). The three main Japanese operators, NTT DoCoMo, au and SoftBank Mobile (formerly Vodafone), have each defined their own variants of emoji.
Although typically only available in Japan, the characters and code required to use emoji are, thanks to the nature of software development, often present in many phones' software. As a result, some phones, such as Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 line, and the Apple iPhone, allow access to the symbols without requiring a Japanese operator. Emoji have also started appearing in emailing services such as Gmail (accessed via Google Labs) in April 2009[1] and websites such as Flipnote Hatena. Several SMS applications for Android powered phones[2] also provide plugins that allow the use of Emoji. Apple's Mac OS X operating system supports emoji[3] as of version 10.7

For NTT DoCoMo's i-mode, each emoji symbol is drawn on a 12×12 pixel grid. When transmitted, emoji symbols are specified as a two-byte sequence, in the private-use range E63E through E757 in the Unicode character space, or F89F through F9FC for Shift-JIS. The basic specification has 176 symbols, with 76 more added in phones that support C-HTML 4.0.
au's emoji pictograms are specified using the IMG tag. SoftBank Mobile emojis are wrapped between SI/SO escape sequences, and support colors and animation. DoCoMo's emoji are the most compact to transmit while au's version is more flexible based on open standards.
[edit]Emoji in the Unicode standard

Hundreds of Emoji characters were encoded in the Unicode Standard in version 6.0 released in October 2010 (and in the related international standard ISO/IEC 10646). The additions, originally requested by Google (Kat Momoi, Mark Davis, and Markus Scherer wrote the first draft for consideration by the Unicode Technical Committee in August 2007) and Apple Inc. (whose Yasuo Kida and Peter Edberg joined the first official UTC proposal for 607 characters as coauthors in January 2009), went through a long series of commenting by members of the Unicode Consortium and national standardization bodies of various countries participating in ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2, especially the United States, Germany, Ireland (led by Michael Everson), and Japan; various new characters (especially symbols for maps and European signs) were added during the consensus-building process.
The core emoji set as of Unicode 6.0 consists of 722 characters, of which 114 characters map to sequences of one or more characters in the pre-6.0 Unicode standard, and the remaining 608 characters map to sequences of one or more characters introduced in Unicode 6.0.[4] There is no block specifically set aside for emoji – the new symbols were encoded in seven different blocks (some newly created), and there exists a Unicode data file called EmojiSources.txt that includes mappings to and from the Japanese vendors' legacy character sets.
A set of Regional Indicator Symbols were defined as part of this set of characters as an alternative to encoding separate characters for national flags.
Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs[1]
Unicode chart (PDF)
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
U+1F30x cdf00 cdf01 cdf02 cdf03 cdf04 cdf05 cdf06 cdf07 cdf08 cdf09 cdf0a cdf0b cdf0c cdf0d cdf0e cdf0f
U+1F31x cdf10 cdf11 cdf12 cdf13 cdf14 cdf15 cdf16 cdf17 cdf18 cdf19 cdf1a cdf1b cdf1c cdf1d cdf1e cdf1f
U+1F32x cdf20
U+1F33x cdf30 cdf31 cdf32 cdf33 cdf34 cdf35 cdf37 cdf38 cdf39 cdf3a cdf3b cdf3c cdf3d cdf3e cdf3f
U+1F34x cdf40 cdf41 cdf42 cdf43 cdf44 cdf45 cdf46 cdf47 cdf48 cdf49 cdf4a cdf4b cdf4c cdf4d cdf4e cdf4f
U+1F35x cdf50 cdf51 cdf52 cdf53 cdf54 cdf55 cdf56 cdf57 cdf58 cdf59 cdf5a cdf5b cdf5c cdf5d cdf5e cdf5f
U+1F36x cdf60 cdf61 cdf62 cdf63 cdf64 cdf65 cdf66 cdf67 cdf68 cdf69 cdf6a cdf6b cdf6c cdf6d cdf6e cdf6f
U+1F37x cdf70 cdf71 cdf72 cdf73 cdf74 cdf75 cdf76 cdf77 cdf78 cdf79 cdf7a cdf7b cdf7c
U+1F38x cdf80 cdf81 cdf82 cdf83 cdf84 cdf85 cdf86 cdf87 cdf88 cdf89 cdf8a cdf8b cdf8c cdf8d cdf8e cdf8f
U+1F39x cdf90 cdf91 cdf92 cdf93
U+1F3Ax cdfa0 cdfa1 cdfa2 cdfa3 cdfa4 cdfa5 cdfa6 cdfa7 cdfa8 cdfa9 cdfaa cdfab cdfac cdfad cdfae cdfaf
U+1F3Bx cdfb0 cdfb1 cdfb2 cdfb3 cdfb4 cdfb5 cdfb6 cdfb7 cdfb8 cdfb9 cdfba cdfbb cdfbc cdfbd cdfbe cdfbf
U+1F3Cx cdfc0 cdfc1 cdfc2 cdfc3 cdfc4 cdfc6 cdfc7 cdfc8 cdfc9 cdfca
U+1F3Ex cdfe0 cdfe1 cdfe2 cdfe3 cdfe4 cdfe5 cdfe6 cdfe7 cdfe8 cdfe9 cdfea cdfeb cdfec cdfed cdfee cdfef
U+1F3Fx cdff0
U+1F40x ddc00 ddc01 ddc02 ddc03 ddc04 ddc05 ddc06 ddc07 ddc08 ddc09 ddc0a ddc0b ddc0c ddc0d ddc0e ddc0f
U+1F41x ddc10 ddc11 ddc12 ddc13 ddc14 ddc15 ddc16 ddc17 ddc18 ddc19 ddc1a ddc1b ddc1c ddc1d ddc1e ddc1f
U+1F42x ddc20 ddc21 ddc22 ddc23 ddc24 ddc25 ddc26 ddc27 ddc28 ddc29 ddc2a ddc2b ddc2c ddc2d ddc2e ddc2f
U+1F43x ddc30 ddc31 ddc32 ddc33 ddc34 ddc35 ddc36 ddc37 ddc38 ddc39 ddc3a ddc3b ddc3c ddc3d ddc3e
U+1F44x ddc40 ddc42 ddc43 ddc44 ddc45 ddc46 ddc47 ddc48 ddc49 ddc4a ddc4b ddc4c ddc4d ddc4e ddc4f
U+1F45x ddc50 ddc51 ddc52 ddc53 ddc54 ddc55 ddc56 ddc57 ddc58 ddc59 ddc5a ddc5b ddc5c ddc5d ddc5e ddc5f
U+1F46x ddc60 ddc61 ddc62 ddc63 ddc64 ddc65 ddc66 ddc67 ddc68 ddc69 ddc6a ddc6b ddc6c ddc6d ddc6e ddc6f
U+1F47x ddc70 ddc71 ddc72 ddc73 ddc74 ddc75 ddc76 ddc77 ddc78 ddc79 ddc7a ddc7b ddc7c ddc7d ddc7e ddc7f
U+1F48x ddc80 ddc81 ddc82 ddc83 ddc84 ddc85 ddc86 ddc87 ddc88 ddc89 ddc8a ddc8b ddc8c ddc8d ddc8e ddc8f
U+1F49x ddc90 ddc91 ddc92 ddc93 ddc94 ddc95 ddc96 ddc97 ddc98 ddc99 ddc9a ddc9b ddc9c ddc9d ddc9e ddc9f
U+1F4Ax ddca0 ddca1 ddca2 ddca3 ddca4 ddca5 ddca6 ddca7 ddca8 ddca9 ddcaa ddcab ddcac ddcad ddcae ddcaf
U+1F4Bx ddcb0 ddcb1 ddcb2 ddcb3 ddcb4 ddcb5 ddcb6 ddcb7 ddcb8 ddcb9 ddcba ddcbb ddcbc ddcbd ddcbe ddcbf
U+1F4Cx ddcc0 ddcc1 ddcc2 ddcc3 ddcc4 ddcc5 ddcc6 ddcc7 ddcc8 ddcc9 ddcca ddccb ddccc ddccd ddcce ddccf
U+1F4Dx ddcd0 ddcd1 ddcd2 ddcd3 ddcd4 ddcd5 ddcd6 ddcd7 ddcd8 ddcd9 ddcda ddcdb ddcdc ddcdd ddcde ddcdf
U+1F4Ex ddce0 ddce1 ddce2 ddce3 ddce4 ddce5 ddce6 ddce7 ddce8 ddce9 ddcea ddceb ddcec ddced ddcee ddcef
U+1F4Fx ddcf0 ddcf1 ddcf2 ddcf3 ddcf4 ddcf5 ddcf6 ddcf7 ddcf9 ddcfa ddcfb ddcfc
U+1F50x ddd00 ddd01 ddd02 ddd03 ddd04 ddd05 ddd06 ddd07 ddd08 ddd09 ddd0a ddd0b ddd0c ddd0d ddd0e ddd0f
U+1F51x ddd10 ddd11 ddd12 ddd13 ddd14 ddd15 ddd16 ddd17 ddd18 ddd19 ddd1a ddd1b ddd1c ddd1d ddd1e ddd1f
U+1F52x ddd20 ddd21 ddd22 ddd23 ddd24 ddd25 ddd26 ddd27 ddd28 ddd29 ddd2a ddd2b ddd2c ddd2d ddd2e ddd2f
U+1F53x ddd30 ddd31 ddd32 ddd33 ddd34 ddd35 ddd36 ddd37 ddd38 ddd39 ddd3a ddd3b ddd3c ddd3d
U+1F54x ddd40 ddd41 ddd42 ddd43
U+1F55x ddd50 ddd51 ddd52 ddd53 ddd54 ddd55 ddd56 ddd57 ddd58 ddd59 ddd5a ddd5b ddd5c ddd5d ddd5e ddd5f
U+1F56x ddd60 ddd61 ddd62 ddd63 ddd64 ddd65 ddd66 ddd67
U+1F5Fx dddfb dddfc dddfd dddfe dddff
1. ^ As of Unicode version 6.1

In SoftBank's encoding:                            ©®™
In Unicode:
dde04dde0adde03☺dde09dde0ddde18dde1adde33dde0cdde01dde1cdde1ddde12dde0fdde13dde14dde1edde16dde25dde30dde28dde23dde22 dde2ddde02dde32dde31dde20dde21dde2adde37ddc7fddc7dddc9bddc99ddc9cddc97ddc9a❤ddc94ddc93ddc98✨cdf1fddca2❕❔ ddca4ddca8ddca6cdfb6cdfb5ddd25ddca9ddc4dddc4eddc4cddc4a✊✌ddc4b✋ddc50ddc46ddc47ddc49ddc48dde4cdde4f☝ddc4f ddcaaddeb6cdfc3ddc6bddc83ddc6fdde46dde45ddc81dde47ddc8fddc91ddc86ddc87ddc85ddc66ddc67ddc69ddc68ddc76ddc75ddc74ddc71ddc72 ddc73ddc77ddc6eddc7cddc78ddc82ddc80ddc63ddc8bddc44ddc42ddc40ddc43
☔⛄cdf19⚡cdf00cdf0addc31ddc36ddc2dddc39ddc30ddc3addc38ddc2fddc28ddc3bddc37ddc2eddc17ddc35ddc12ddc34 ddc0eddc2bddc11ddc18ddc0dddc26ddc24ddc14ddc27ddc1bddc19ddc20ddc1fddc33ddc2cddc90cdf38cdf37cdf40cdf39cdf3bcdf3acdf41cdf43 cdf42cdf34cdf35cdf3eddc1a
cdf8dddc9dcdf8ecdf92cdf93cdf8fcdf86cdf87cdf90cdf91cdf83ddc7bcdf85cdf84cdf81ddd14cdf89cdf88ddcbfddcc0ddcf7cdfa5ddcbbddcfa ddcf1ddce0☎ddcbdddcfcddd0addce2ddce3ddcfbddce1➿ddd0dddd13ddd12ddd11✂ddd28ddca1ddcf2ddce9ddcebddceeddec0ddebd ddcbaddcb0ddd31ddeacddca3ddd2bddc8addc89cdfc8cdfc0⚽⚾cdfbe⛳cdfb1cdfcacdfc4cdfbf♠♥♣♦cdfc6ddc7e cdfafcdc04cdfacddcddddcd6cdfa8cdfa4cdfa7cdfbacdfb7cdfb8〽ddc5fddc61ddc60ddc62ddc55ddc54ddc57ddc58ddc59cdf80cdfa9ddc51 ddc52cdf02ddcbcddc5cddc84ddc8dddc8e☕cdf75cdf7acdf7bcdf78cdf76cdf74cdf54cdf5fcdf5dcdf5bcdf71cdf63cdf59cdf58cdf5acdf5c cdf72cdf5ecdf73cdf62cdf61cdf66cdf67cdf82cdf70cdf4ecdf4acdf49cdf53cdf46cdf45
cdfe0cdfebcdfe2cdfe3cdfe5cdfe6cdfeacdfe9cdfe8ddc92⛪cdfeccdf07cdf06cdfefcdff0⛺cdfeddddfcdddfbcdf04cdf05cdf03dddfd cdf08cdfa1⛲cdfa2ddea2ddea4⛵✈dde80ddeb2dde99dde97dde95dde8cdde93dde92dde91dde9adde83dde89dde84dde85cdfab⛽ ddea5⚠ddea7ddd30cdfe7cdfb0dde8fddc88♨cdfc1cdf8ccddefcddf5cddf0cddf7cdde8cddf3cddfacddf8cddebcddf7cddeacddf8cddeecddf9cddf7cddfacddeccdde7cdde9cddea
1⃣ 2⃣ 3⃣ 4⃣ 5⃣ 6⃣ 7⃣ 8⃣ 9⃣ 0⃣ #⃣ ⬆⬇⬅➡↗↖↘↙◀▶⏪⏩cdd97 cdd95ddd1dcdd99cdd92cdfa6cde01ddcf6cde35cde33cde50cde39cde2fcde3acde36cde1acde37cde38cde02ddebbddeb9ddebaddebcddeadcdd7f ♿dde87ddebe㊙㊗ddd1ecdd94✳✴ddc9fcdd9addcf3ddcf4ddcb9ddcb1♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐ ♑♒♓⛎ddd2fcdd70cdd71cdd8ecdd7eddd32ddd34ddd33ddd5bddd50ddd51ddd52ddd53ddd54ddd55ddd56ddd57ddd58ddd59ddd5a ⭕❌©®™
Emoji 2: dde38dde39dde3adde3bdde3cdde3ddde3edde3fdde40dde05dde06dde0bdde24dde29dde2bdde35dde48dde49dde4adde4bdde4ddde4eddc95ddc96ddc9e❥cdf1b〠⚇⚉☹☻㋛㋡ddc3cddc0cddc1cddc1dddc1eddc21ddc22ddc23ddc25ddc29ddc32ddc3d⛅⛄❄dddffddc79ddc7acdfc2cdfa0dde38dde39dde3adde3bdde3cdde3ddde3edde3fdde40dde49cdfad ddc64ddc6addc70cdf4fcdf3dcdf3fcdf44cdf47cdf48cdf4ccdf4dcdf51cdf30cdf31cdf3ccdf52cdf55cdf56cdf57cdf60cdf64cdf65cdf68cdf69cdf6acdf6bcdf6ccdf6dcdf6ecdf6fcdf77 cdf79ddcae⚘⁕cdfb4٭☣cdf0fcdf1bcdf20☠☢☤⚚⚛ddcdb✆✇♲♺♻✉ddc8cddce7ddce8✍☩⚒⚓⚔⚕⚖⚗⚘⚙⚜cdf0bcdf0ccdf01cdf09 ☯cdf11cdf14cdf13◐◑◯☮☪☬☭☸♆☼☽☾♀♂⚢⚣⚤⚥⚦♇⚜✒ddca7ddcaeddcabddca5ddcacddcdcddce6ddd16cdfb2⚀⚁⚂⚃⚄ ⚅♔♕♖♗♘♙♚♛♜♝♞♟♡♢♤♧cdccf▤▥▦☐☑☒▧▨▩░cdfb3cdf8acdf8bcdfa0cdfa3cdfaacdfaecdfb4cdfb9cdfbbcdfbc⏰⏳ cdfb2♩♪♫♬♭♮♯╠╬╦╩╣╚╝╔╗☐☑☒☉☂cdfbdcdfe1ddc53ddc56ddc5addc5bddc5dcdfeeddc3eddc45ddcde☏☚☛☜☞☟✍Ωℌℑ★ ☆⚕◢◣◤◥▣ddd26ddd27ddd29ddd2addcccddccdddcceddccfddcd9ddcda✎✏✐✃✄⚐⚑♾ddd0bddd0cddd0eddcbeddd0fddd10ddd17ddcb3ddcb4ddcb5ddcc8 ddcc9ddccaddcc5ddcc6ddcc7ddcc1ddcc2ddceaddcf9❝❛❜❞ddcafddcb2➔✅❎➠➣➤❌❓❗⭕←↑→↓↔↕◴◵◶◷❢❣❡➕ ➖➗
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