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Email client apps for ipad2


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Mar 24, 2012
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Let me apologise up front for a question that has probably been discussed exhaustively up front already, but I'm struggling to find any clear guidance. I am new to iPad (Xmas present to myself). I have used outlook express on my pc for years accessing mail from 2 accounts, hotmail and a privately registered domain with which I can receive mail but not send it. Outlook express handles things like setting a reply to address and choosing which ac to send an email from which enabled me to overcome the no outbound mail limitation of my non hotmail account.

Now I'm using the standard iPad mail client I can get hotmail but can't set up access to my other mail server. Moreover, hotmail mails are deleted after a while (is this a Microsoft vs Apple minimal cooperation thing?) and since I set up access on the iPad my hotmail email access no longer works inbound or outbound on my PC! I am limited to the web for full access to hotmail mails and cannot reply or forward any mails I get on the other account in outlook.

I would ideally like an iPad client that would let me do what I was able to do with outlook express. I downloaded the outlook express app, which I couldn't even get to first base with and found completely opaque and useless, so I am stumped. Can anyone help?


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