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Educational & games apps for children aged 7 & 5


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May 31, 2011
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The sole purpose of my new iPad 2 is for storage of photos, music and for use of the web and emails. However I would also like to have the best games and educational apps for my kids who are 7&5. Any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks
I just got my ipad2 yesterday, so I have yet to find the best apps for kids. Would definitely suggest you get iBooks (and kindle and nook, too - that way you can search each and get the best prices!). My daughter will be 4 this August and she LOVES reading books together on the iPad. The pictures look great and she loves turning the pages. I'm still looking at apps for kids too so I'll let you know if I find any good ones. Games like pocket frogs or angry birds might be good. 3D Brain is great for educational purposes -for all ages - I use it on my iPod touch for my anatomy class and it helped, and my daughter likes it as well! Post if you come across any good apps as well, I'd love to hear what you find!
7 and 5 years old? You're best purchase will be a screen protector and a hard case.
They will be supervised whilst they use it. I will post any good apps for kids that I see!

No child is too young or old for
Angry Birds.
I've got a 3 year old daughter that uses mine so even under supervision they can get goob on the screen.
There have been some threads by developers of kids games and books on this forum, mostly in the app section. I've seen one home maker that has made a website for reviewing of Ipad games and books for kids

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