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Editing MS Office Document app


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Jun 6, 2012
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Let me introduce my favorite iPad app Polaris Office.

It is one of the hottest applications for Android users, flies to an iPhone and iPad.

Android mobile devices users must have had been hearing of, experiencing or seeing Polaris Office app already preloaded on.
It enables you to easily and conveniently work on Word, Excel, and PPT in spite of your TPO. Only with your mobile device, you can still get down working on any documentation files used to be run on PC. The usefulness of Polaris Office has already been successfully approved by hTC and Samsung Android phone users.

It is of course a universal app that can be downloaded to iPad and iPhone with just one purchase.

Polaris Office has been achieving a reputation for the speed in editing data and in the user-friendly PPT function. It is always time saving for a business man today like me and a college student stuck with tons of paper to work on. The best thing I like about the app is that it provides the Cloud integration service. You can download, read, and edit any document files from your account on a cloud service provider such as Drop Box, Google Docs, and Web DAV. Officially, it provides the largest number of cloud services among the documentation apps sold. It is really a simple. The updates are frequent and useful for users. Moreover, like I mentioned early, the PPT on the app provides the “raiser point†function and “taking note†function, and those would also satisfy your taste.

Okay, if you want to stop carrying around your heavy laptop, no doubt that this app would just be enough for your desire!


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Sep 7, 2010
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Berlin, Germany

I had a look at Polaris and it is nice. The presentation editing features are quite advanced.

But I somehow cannot insert a video from my photo library where I have a folder with videos. At least not with the help of the + sign at the top of the screen.
When I do this in Keynote I can do it. So for me, I stick with keynote and the other iWork apps.


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