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earth download


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May 14, 2010
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Q:)You may all know this but how do you
Download google earth
I just get the message saying can't download this file
Help please
Google earth is a pc program. Get your app for the iPad from the app store. There is not an actual "google earth" app that I know of, but some pretty good replacements....
Actually there is google earth for the iPhone. It will not be as pretty, but it will work. I am sure there is one for the iPad in the works.

Just do a search for google earth in the app store, it's free. When you run it be sure to tap the little "2X" button, that will make it bigger for your iPad.....

I just played with it. It's a blast using the pinch, expand, tap .... Etc on the screen :)
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Thanks guys will take a look
My grandson has it on his iPhone
So thought it would run on this

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