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Duplicate Emails


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Jul 22, 2012
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I was wondering If I can get some help. I have a verizon.net email account and ever since I've had my I-pad I received duplicate email's on my Ipad. This never happened before I owned an I-pad. In most cases I will receive the same email on the Ipad twice with the rare occurance 3 times. One or twice I received the duplicate in outlook. This does not make sense as it did not happen before I owned an Ipad. Just for testing purposes, I created another email account with verizon and it's doing the same thing.

When I check my email settings on my Ipad I have it set for delete from server when removed from Inbox, and deleted messages are removed after one week. Here is what I am trying to acomplish and not sure if i can do this or not. I'd like to be able to receive my emails on my Ipad without receiving duplicates on the device. I'd also like the option to keep the message so it download's on my computer if I want. However I also want the option once I moved an email from inbox to trash on Ipad, that the email won't show up in my outlook or be received as a duplicate on the Ipad. I am not sure if I need to empty the trash on the Ipad to accomplish what I am trying to do. I hope I am being clear and really need some help.

Have you checked your browser mail to see if there are settings there that might help? Sometimes they conflict with each other and cause problems. Syncing mail, in your iTunes, check to see if that does anything. That's in your iPad settings for mail and sync.
I am having the same problem as Glacona. However the reply post didn't really explain on how to resolve the issue. When an email comes to my att.net email account, it comes to my ipad twice. When I delete both emails from my ipad it also deletes it from my att.net email account. It didn't used to do this. This all started the other day when I was losing my notes. Got that fixed. What I want is this, I want the emails to come to my att.net account and to my ipad5. I only want the email on my ipad once. When I delete it off my ipad I want it to remain in my email account until I delete it from there. This is how it used to be.

Thanks in advance for all the help.
Hi Freeze1 - you posted to a thread that is a year old and may not receive the attention you are expecting. I would suggest starting your own thread, repeat your question, and also mention whether you are using a Cloud service to sync your mail and also more specifics on your Notes problem, especially how it was resolved. Also assume that you have an iPad4? Good luck. :)

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