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Dream zoo

I started having issues yesterday with the zoo loading too. At first it said it couldn't connect to the internet then it started with the loading issues yesterday. Now, after I tried the update an everything, now it wont load at all and it says "We are unable to connect to the Dream Zoo server at this time. Please try again or check your network connection" then it closes the app. I can play other games just fine so it's not my network that's the problem...Wish they'd fix it, I'd like to play my game. Thanks.
Yes, have this problem too. Every time they update new issues appear! Now I can't visit my neighbors. Only the new ones that only give 2 hearts! There is always something screwed up. Gets so annoying and now you have to spend real money to get bucks to all embellishments to the newest animal areas. bummer
Now they have changed the look of the animals sign where you click to collect coins. No big deal but why not work on problems first. Now some of the animal habitats decorations look all fractured or pixelated. Weird. Like an earthquake hit them. Particularly the winter holiday one. I can see this messed up graphics not only in my zoo but the few neighbors I can visit . Zynga - fix this mess!
nickyuk26 said:
Is anyone having problems loading dream zoo ???? !!!!!!

I am having the same problem I have deleted it several times and nothing works!
I thought dream zoo was great, when it would load. It would barley ever load and when it did it crashed, so I deleted it

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