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Downloading Photos


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Mar 9, 2012
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Hi all,

I am planning on buying my 1st Ipad next Friday when the release of the new IPad.

I was wondering how to download photos from my PC to the IPad as I presume it is the same as my iphone i.e. take photos from PC add to Itunes and sync to new IPad which seems easy enough.

The other question is my PC is old & almost full of 1000 photos & over 12,000 songs so can I use my IPad as a storage device for the photos only as I was hoping to move the photos to the IPAD but remove them from my PC.
If I remove it from my PC after putting them onto Itunes will they get lost on itunes as the source is not there where it picked them up from. If so how can I do this or am I just better buying a external hard drive.

I hope this is clear



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Mar 19, 2011
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Itunes backs up pics and music into the itunes library, unless you specify it not to and just uses the location of where your content is currently stored on your pc in various folders. You can do the copy photos to itunes then to your ipad, or get a sd card, fill it up with only the photos you want onto the ipad using the camera connector. Theres also an app called 'photo transfer app' that makes copying photos over a simple process.

But it sounds to me that you are starting to run out of room on your pc, or want to back up your precious photos and maybe music. The best way is to either burn data dvds or get a portable hard drive so that you will always have a backup of your important data as hard drives can go bad. I highly recommend that to anyone reading this, always have at least one backup of important photos/documents/etc. that you couldn't live without.

But without spending any money move the photos you want to send to your ipad in a separate folder on your pc, then let itunes sync that folder.

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