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Doc Review for iPad Lets two People Review Documents on One iPad


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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A new document-reviewing app released today by Marsen Software enables two people sitting opposite each other to review a PDF document using the same iPad, with a draggable ruler being used to highlight the particular line that one of the reviewers is referring to for the person who is also reviewing the document on the other side of the iPad screen. When using the Doc Review app, you can sit at either side of a table to go through a document just as you would in a meeting, without having to look over your associate’s shoulder. The app also features buttons that will quickly bring your colleague opposite you to the same line that you are on. Doc Review is fully integrated with Mail, enabling you to open attachments directly from Mail. Here’s Victor Kasenda, Marsen Software’s founder, talking about the app.

"Doc Review is the first iPad App that fits with how we conduct our day to day business when we meet at coffee places - we sit opposite each other when going through documents. This is useful for going through insurance policies, contracts, essays etc on the iPad, and your clients will definitely have a better experience than flipping through tons of paper."

Click here to download the app for $0.99: Doc Review for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Source: Marsen Software


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Jan 12, 2011
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That is a great app. Just today I took some clients to lunch. They sat across the table from me as we went over a purchase and sale agreement. luckily I know my contracts well enough to give them the brief version of every paragraph that we were on as I went through it with them upside down. This is not the case of every contract. This app will definately be used in my industry. Just another reason why the IPad would have come in handy for me today. I am going to definately buy one this week!

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