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Different iCloud and iTunes account??


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Sep 9, 2011
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I hesitated upgrading my iPad2 to iOS 5 cause I didn't want iMessages streaming to other devices on our iTunes account which we (family) all share and sync on. So I finally pulled the trigger and upgraded my iPad, went smoothly and fast, so when I started the iPad setup walkthrough I got to the question about iCloud account.

It asked me if I wanted to use existing Apple id or new one - I picked new one, used another email address I have and went through the process. Checked settings when I finished and under iCloud it has the new account and under messsages it has send messages to the new email only. Ok so far...

Now, I am doing a backup on iCloud, the first one, but noticed under my app store icon there was a "3" for updates so I go in there and I clicked to do the updates and I hit update all and itunes login popped up and since these apps were purchased under the old ID, I put the old one in and they updated normally - all at the same time iCloud is backing up to the NEW apple id? Is that possible???

To have iCloud on one apple id and go into app store and use the old ID for app updates etc?? If so, great...!

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