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Did you snag handy light?


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May 31, 2010
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I know some of you iPhone wielding geeks got this sneaky little app. Lets hear it . . . Who got it before it got pulled.


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May 7, 2010
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Miami, FL
I got it.

There is now a hack to use it with jailbroken ipads. Tether your iphone with handy light to your ipad and not pay twice for data.

Only thing is, I dont have an iphone any more and I cant use the app on my iPad until iOS 4 comes out for the ipad. Here are the steps to set it up.

So, first things first.

initial (one time) setup: major revision thanks to x999x: no longer using lighttpd on ipad to host proxy.pac, using Download Pro Lite instead

1)on the ipad you'll need to install from cydia: mywi (not used to tether, just to start adhoc network). install Download Pro Lite on the iphone 4.

2) open Download Pro Lite on the iphone, go into the more tab and turn on Web Share

3)on your computer (or your ipad if you really want to) create a plaintext file titled "socks.pac" containing the following 3 lines:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
return "SOCKS";

4)upload socks.pac to your iPhone from your computers (or ipads if you so chose) web browser, accessing the upload page at http://"your phones current wifi ip":8080
5)on the iPad start MyWi, pick a SSID for the ad-hoc network and turn MyWI on.
6)on the iPhone, go into Settings, general, network, wifi, and pick the SSID you created. then click the blue arrow to go into advanced settings. choose "STATIC" for IP Address, and put "" for IP and "" for Subnet Mask. (back out of the settings and go back in to ensure those inputs saved!)
7)on the iPad, turn MyWi off and shut the app. go into settings, wifi, and pick the SSID you created (which is being sustained now by the iPhone). Take the blue arrow for advanced settings, choose "STATIC" for IP Address, and put "" for IP and "" for Subnet Mask. Also put HTTP Proxy to Auto and for the URL input "http://l13.37.13.37:8080/socks.pac". (back out of the settings and go back in to ensure those inputs saved!)
8)open HandyLight on the iPhone (Download Pro Lite will keep running the webserver in the background to serve socks.pac), hit "blue - yellow - red - tap upper right hand corner" to start tethering (handylight screen will go purple if you keyed in the correct sequence of colors and corner tapping)

Now ensure it works by using web browser on the iPad! (if not try to reboot the iphone, reconnect it to the ad-hoc network and restart handy light.. i had to do that the first time I got setup to this point, i'm thinking it was an ARP issue after the iPad changed from the self-assigned IP to the 13.x.x.x)

To start it up again in the future: (if at least one of the devices remained set to the tethering SSID you may not have to do some or all of steps 1-4 here , but if you don't see the tethering SSID available you'll need to do this to jumpstart the AdHoc again, thanks x999x)

1) Open MyWI on the Ipad and start the AdHoc network
2) connect the iphone to this network in settings
3) shut off and close MyWI on the Ipad
4) connect the ipad to this network in settings
5) open Download Pro Lite and start the Web Share in the "..." tab
6) open HandyLight on the iPhone, hit "blue - yellow - red - tap upper right hand corner" to start tethering!

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