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Deleting and reinstalling


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Nov 21, 2011
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Hope you can help me cos I do not wanna lose my stuff so here is my plan......
My ipad is stuffed with all sorts of stuff that I either do not use or is so large that it takes up so much
#space is hindering me in my ability to buy and try out other stuff so can I definitely delete most stuff off the ipad
so I have plenty of storage space and be a hundred percent sure that I can put them back on if I decide I want to use them again as I do not want to lose all the money I have spent. The thing is some games like real racing and infinity blade etc are taking up over a gigabyte each and although I love them I just want to give myself the opportunity to try some other stuff without worrying anout having to buy them all over again,
I have heard off a few people that this will be alright with my apps and games but stuff like albums and music
videos may sometimes have to be repurchased so could someone please give me a definate answer before I start click click clicking and delete everything like an idiot and end up tearing my hair out cos I messed up ?

Very very grateful for any help you can give.
By way ipad 2 latest ios etc if that helps Thank you guys.


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May 7, 2010
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Miami, FL
Yes you can delete them and download them again for free as long as they are still available in the app store. You should have your iPad synced to a computer so that when ever you purchase an app it also gets saved to the computer. This way you have a backup on the computer if the app ever gets removed from the app store. You are free to download apps that you have purchased previously for free, however apple or who ever made the app can remove it from the store at any time. This is why you would want a backup of the apps on your PC.

Another thing that happens when you delete an app is that you loose all of the apps saved data, an example would be your scores or things like how many levels you have beat. Reinstalling the game starts you over from scratch.

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