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'Dashboard X' EPIC CYDIA Tweak Adds Springboard Widgets To iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad


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Jul 10, 2010
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Dashboard X is a Cydia Tweak which will let you add Notification Center Widgets to your Springboard. You can use these Widgets just as you would in the Notification Center but now there is no need to fill up your space there. The use of these Widgets is similar to that of Android and finding the right ones could give you an even better experience. To add a Widget, all you need to do is Jiggle your icons and then hold down on an empty space. This will bring up the "Add a Widget" menu where you can choose any of the packages you downloaded. Dashboard X is also receiving it's own exclusive Widgets for use on Springboard only. You can find this Tweak for $1.99 under the ModMyi Repo in the Cydia and it is well worth it!
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May 24, 2011
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I've been working with this on my iPad2 and having mixed success.

I'm able to use a few widgets like the notepad and clock but the stock/weather widget never shows up and eventually crashes me. It launches in safe mode so I have to remove it. Other widgets, like the calendar, works but the dates are messed up.

Anyone else having problems with many of the widgets? Thank.

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