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Cut the Rope: Experiments Goes Free to Celebrate New Level Pack Update


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Jun 7, 2010
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ZeptoLap has just announced the release of a new level pack for Cut the Rope: Experiments, entitled Handy Candy, which challenges players to maneuver robotic arms to help Nom get to the candy that he loves. Handy Candy has 25 new levels, and the unique new gaming element of robotic hands that challenge the player to catch, exchange and release candy, all at the same time as collecting stars and avoiding obstacles. The addition of the arms doesn’t mean the end of ropes in the game, just that users now have to move bionic arms instead of ropes in order to feed Om Nom. This is the third update for the game, and it also includes Retina display support for the new iPad, as well as various language localizations. The Handy Candy levels also feature the same gameplay elements from the Rocket Science and Bath Time packs, including rope guns, suction cups, rockets and underwater elements. You’ll also find new photos of Om Nom in the Professor’s Album, new achievements and a new leader board. To celebrate the new update, the game will be free to download, both iPhone and iPad versions, for a limited time.

Click here to download the iPhone version: App Store - Cut the Rope: Experiments

Click here to download the iPad version: Cut the Rope: Experiments HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Source: ZeptoLab via Marketwire
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