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Curious...Quanity Of iPad3's Available At Launch


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Jun 1, 2010
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Levittown, PA
Does anyone have insight regarding the number of iPad3's that are being made available for launch? How many are available for preorder on the Apple Store site? How many are going to be shipped to brick and mortar Apple stores? How many will be made available to other retailers like Best Buy?

I have to admit that I am a it surprised that most of the different variations of the iPad3 are still available for purchase and are showing a receive date of March 16th.

I watched and waited with anticipation for the announcement and subsequent preorder and am very excited about the newest offering and really felt that most variations would be unavailable for launch day preorder.

Again, just curious....

I feel sure that is closely held internal information. You will never hear those numbers (in my opinion).

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No one has that information other than Apple however 3 - 5 million would be a reasonable amount based on previous launches. DHL has no space left on the china to USA delivery as Apple appears to have taken all of it for the launch.
I am hoping that my local bestbuy has them in good stock. I have a 100$ best buy gift card that I plan on using for my ipad! Most likely I will get there early just in case lol.
I figured that Apple would keep these numbers pretty close to the vest and not freely share them.

As I mentioned in my original post, I found it surprising that there were still quantities available for preorder on the Apple store website this far into the preorder window.

I know that I am very excited by the newest offering but I wonder if there isn't as much excitement for the iPad3 in the general public.
In speaking with Apple store personnel yesterday they indicated that the supply will be strong for this launch. They have stockpiled iPads in preparation such that the system is still indicating orders will be available at launch vs. the iPad 2 launch where the backlog was already several weeks by now...
After the first weekend, there will be many estimates of how many of the iPads are sold. Particularly the first day sales. The original sold 300,000 on the first day, and that was only in the US, with 3G a month away. The iPad 2, was launched with more retailers and more countries and sold 1 M on the first day. I would expect that they have a substantial stockpile, but doubt that it will be enough. They had a fair ideal of the expected demand for the iPad 2, and still ran out the first day.
I checked the UK site this morning and it has gone from delivered by 16th as of yesterday to shipping in 2 to 3 weeks for all models.
Not here, we wouldn't know. Your best bet is to call Best Buy and ask. I'm sure they'll open the doors at some horribly early time...

Good luck.

I placed my order around noon central time yesterday, 3/10, and it was still showing March 16th. Black 32gb wifi.

Will wait and see.

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