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Copy MS office docs to iPad


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Mar 27, 2012
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Hi all, I had a question and I'm hoping some one knows more than me. If you receive a PDF or office doc (word, excel, powerpoint) as attachment in email you can view them on iPad. What if you had files on a PC that you wanted to view on the iPad, can you copy or sync them? I don't want to change, edit or create new I just want to view. I keep seeing apps that you pay for that let you do everything, but I only want to view. So my question is how can you view a PDF or office doc on the iPad without it being an email attachment and without having to pay for an app? It's silly if there's no way because that would mean the iPad has built-in ability to view these files, but only if theyre an attachment. Anyone have any advice, if nothing else I'll just have to email all of them to an email account I setup on the iPad. Thank you.

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